Gravel Trucks

T285Kenworth Tandem Axle Tractor2007T8001XKDDB0X X7R900297G42 210
T286Kenworth Tandem Axle Tractor2007T8001XKDDB0X 17R900298G42 211
T262Western Star Tandem Axle Bodyjob2002WB1230642WLHAEAV 02KK49985J99 616
T271Western Star Tandem Axle Bodyjob2004WB123064S5KKHALAV 14PN43624J99 619
T272Western Star Tandem Axle Bodyjob2004WB123064S5KKHALAV 34PN43625K38 858
T287Kenworth Tandem Axle Bodyjob2007T8003BKDLB0X 37F900295J99 631
T289Kenworth Tandem Axle Bodyjob2008T8001NKDLB0X 88R935662K86 002
T290Kenworth Tandem Axle Bodyjob2008T8001NKDLB0X X8R935663J12 559
T295Western Star Tandem Axle Bodyjob2014WB123064S5KKHALD11 EPFL9229J99 644
T296Western Star Tandem Axle Bodyjob2014WB123064S5KKHALD18 EPFL9230J99 642
T297Western Star Tandem Axle Bodyjob2014WB123064S5KKHALD1 XEPFL9231K86 029
T305Western Star Tri-Drive Tractor2015WB123086ST5KJRALD15 FPGE9738K59 871

Trailer Combinations:

  • Tridem Axle Belly Dump
  • Tandem Axle Pup
  • Tridem Axle Pup

Slide in Sander to spread sand/salt on roads in winter

We also have numerous “owner/operator” trucks of varying axle and trailer combinations on our approved subcontractor list.