1956 Victor DeCiccio bought his first cat (A D4) which he operated under his own name. In the early years he worked mostly in the logging industry.

1960 was the year that Victor started working in Virginia Hills and marked his transition from the logging industry to the oilfield.

1965 Victor bought his 2nd cat (another D4).

1967 Victor and his family moved from Drayton Valley to Fox Creek.

1968 Marnevic Construction Ltd. was incorporated and the company hired its’ first employee (Dick Pollard).

1969 Marnevic built our first shop but the office work was still being done out of the family house.

1973 Victor’s son, Neil DeCiccio, finishes schooling at NAIT and starts full time at Marnevic taking over the book keeping duties from Martha DeCiccio.

1975 Marnevic purchased our first gravel crusher.

1976 a building was purchased and attached to the shop to act as an office.

1981 the first computer was purchased.

1982 construction began on a new shop & office building. This is the same building that we use today.

1993 Marnevic’s 1st safety officer is hired. Brent Cadrain is promoted from equipment operator to fill the position.

2000 Victor’s grandson, Todd DeCiccio, graduates from the University of Alberta and starts working full time at Marnevic.

2003 Victor starts to think about retirement and promotes Todd to become the company’s 2nd president.

2005 Victor retires and moves to St. Albert where he currently resides.

2006 Victor’s grandson, Troy DeCiccio, takes over as shop foreman after working in the shop for many years and achieving both his automotive and heavy duty technician licenses.

2007 Neil semi-retires from Marnevic (although he is still active with the company to this day).

2017 Hired lead environmental geoscientist Lydia Sharkey, B.Sc., P.Geo., and began offering environmental consulting services.

Present Day Marnevic continues to be a family owned company that is local to the Fox Creek area. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service with a strong focus on safety.