The first priority on all our jobs is to ensure they are done safely. To accomplish this goal, everyone involved (including management, employees, subcontractors and even our customers) is expected to play their part in the success of our program.

Some of our safety related accomplishments include:

  • Achieved a TRIF of zero
  • Safety performance significantly better than our industry average (as measured by the WCB)
  • 40% discount on WCB premiums
  • Maintaining our C.O.R. since 1997
  • Successful participation in the Partnership in Injury Reduction (P.I.R.) program
  • Membership in the Alberta Safety Construction Association
    • Achieving yearly audit scores of 85% or better on a consistent basis
  • No lost time injuries for 750,000 man hours over 5 years

No matter how well we’ve done in the past we feel there is always room to improve. That is why we employ a full time National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) and ask our employees to help us ensure our safety program is continuously adapting and upgrading.

To ensure the continued success of our program, the key components include:

  • Annual Review of our program including both management and employee participation.
  • Incident & Near Miss Investigation to learn from past experiences and take steps to prevent future reoccurrence
  • Conducting both formal and informal safety inspections to ensure we are living up to our own standards. These inspections include all facets of our company and are completed by our in-house NCSO, management, on-site supervisors and employees.
  • Monthly company wide safety meetings, on-site tailgate safety meetings & task hazard assessments.
  • Training workers to ensure competency.
    • Minimum training includes H2S Alive, 1st Aid, CPR, WHMIS, CSTS, Leadership for Safety Excellence (all foreman), Ground Disturbance (equipment operators) and any applicable trades certification. We also ensure all employees have the proper class of license before they operate any of our vehicles. We are members of both ComplyWorks & ISNetworld and all of our customers are always welcome to review or audit our program any time they wish.

Documentation available upon request includes:

  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • WCB Clearance Letter
  • WCB Rate Statement